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Webinar recap: "Looking ahead to 2024: Fundraising predictions & your roadmap to success"

Centering strategy around education: A conversation with fundraising leaders from Florida A&M University

How to find planned giving prospects: 4 steps

End-of-year giving: 3 tips for making the most out of this Giving Season

Webinar recap: "The future of direct mail (with special guest Josh Alcorn)"

Webinar recap: "Future-proof giving: Securing gifts from younger donors in 2023"

Building a legacy: Key takeaways from Make-A-Will Month’s record year in 2022

Make-A-Will Month marketing: 3 tips to boost planned giving

National Estate Planning Awareness Week: How to grow legacy giving this October

Webinar recap: "AI and the future of nonprofit fundraising"

Design a Ways to Give Page: Crash course and best practices

Creating a planned giving website: Essential tips & examples

Webinar recap: Best practices for nonprofit website design and content in 2023

Introducing: Planned Giving Websites, by FreeWill

DAFs 101: The nonprofit’s guide to donor-advised funds

How to make a nonprofit donor stewardship plan: 7 steps

New at FreeWill: The easiest way to make an impact through donor-advised funds

Crypto fundraising 101: Beginner’s guide for nonprofits

How to accept stock donations: What nonprofits need to know

How to start a planned giving program: Step-by-step guide

Planned giving marketing: 7 strategies and ideas you need

Planned giving: A complete guide to legacy giving programs

8 types of planned gifts your nonprofit should know

How to talk to donors about planned giving: 10 tips

Strategy memo: The importance of investing in crypto giving

What nonprofits need to know about the 6 stages of the fundraising cycle

Sample donor cultivation plan: 3 tiers for engaging nonprofit donors

Accepting crypto donations: 6 updates to your gift acceptance policy

Guide to fundraising crypto donations: Best practices & templates

How animal organizations can help their supporters & secure planned gifts

Why your nonprofit should promote revocable living trusts over wills for legacy giving in California

Why FreeWill is building a culture of experimentation

6 steps to creating a successful major gifts program at your nonprofit

DAFs 101: Everything your nonprofit needs to know about Donor Advised Funds

NEPAW 2021 email templates for planned giving

GivingTuesday 2021 toolkit: Planned & major giving

Major gifts: Everything you need to know for fundraising success

How FreeWill is helping smaller nonprofits unlock transformational gifts

What are charitable bequests for nonprofits?

Older donors: 5 key trends on major gifts & what to do next

Millennial donors: Your guide to major gifts & Millennial giving

Nonprofit storytelling: 4 steps to create persuasive legacy donor testimonials

Qualified Charitable Distributions: What nonprofits need to know about these tax-savvy gifts

QCDs: 4 marketing tips to get more IRA Charitable Rollover gifts this year

Major donor email templates: Asking for gifts after one-on-one conversations

3 ways to drive more stock gifts to your nonprofit

Donor cultivation: 6 tips for building a relationship with major gift prospects

Texting templates: Build relationships & cultivate planned & major gifts

Major gifts: 5 steps to identify new stock donors

Donor recognition: The best strategies for boosting donor retention

How to start a legacy society for your most loyal donors

Major gifts of stock: Your ultimate guide to making effective fundraising appeals

5 reasons stock donations are the major gifts your nonprofit needs to succeed

Stock donor email templates: Drive major gifts to your nonprofit & supercharge fundraising growth

Donor stewardship: How to build relationships & retain donors

Planned giving: a complete guide

Stock fundraising 101: How to supercharge fundraising growth at your nonprofit

3 big mistakes around stock fundraising & how to easily fix them

The state of nonprofit supporters in 2020

5 ways your nonprofit can use Facebook to acquire new legacy donors

How to hit your fundraising goals with virtual events

8 ways to steward new planned giving donors in a crisis

3 ways planned giving programs grow fundraising revenue across your organization

How nonprofits have navigated 2020 & are planning for a new year

10 donor stewardship best practices for nonprofits

Going virtual: FAQs from our webinar on virtual fundraising galas

How your nonprofit donors can get Medallion Signatures for QCDs

Virtual fundraising events: Sample run of show for nonprofits

The benefits of planned giving for nonprofits and donors

Our 7 favorite examples of nonprofits engaging with supporters during the pandemic

FAQs: Nonprofits and COVID-19

QCDs in light of the CARES Act: How to be effective in a changing environment

A conversation: Cathy Sheffield on nonprofit outreach during the Coronavirus crisis

A conversation: Dr. Russell James on planned giving and the Coronavirus crisis

CARES Act guide: How to get a forgivable loan for your nonprofit

Nonprofits and COVID-19: FreeWill webinar survey data

5 tips for working from home to maintain productivity and a work-life balance

How to be thoughtful, effective, and safe when speaking to donors during a pandemic

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